Katy Perry fiancée : Sa bague ressemble à celle que portait l’ex d’Orlando Bloom

L’acteur américain a profité de la Saint-Valentin pour demander sa main à Katy Perry, le 14 février 2019. Dès le lendemain, le couple a fièrement annoncé ses fiançailles, révélant au passage la bague soigneusement choisie par Orlando Bloom. Un bijou qui n’est pas sans rappeler celle que portait sa précédente compagne…

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People are wondering why Orlando Bloom gave his new fianc, Katy Perry, a ring that’s pretty identical to his ex wife’s, Miranda Kerr, ring when they when they were engaged back in 2010! The rings look very similar! They both have a gold band, they both are shaped like a flower, and they both have eight diamonds going around the center diamond. The only major difference is Perry’s center diamond being a different color! What do you think? If your fianc gave you a ring that looked just like his ex wife’s ring, would that be weird to you? #orlandobloom #katyperry #mirandakerr #engagement #celebrity #news #celebritynews #celeb #celebbelle Image: Getty Images; Instagram, @katyperry

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