Karen Angle Not Gone From TNA?, How Much TNA Was Paying Johnny Devine

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, PWInsider.com

— People close to the situation regarding Johnny Devine’s departure from TNA estimated him being in a $30,000 per year spot in the company. Additionally, this is before airfare, road costs, hotel costs, and food costs, which TNA doesn’t cover for most of their performers.

— Next Thursday’s Impact taping at the Joint in the Hard Rock Cafe & Casino is said to be very close to selling out so they shouldn’t have a problem filling the 1,000 seat venue. People from Spike TV will be attending the taping. Also, TNA will be releasing a very limited amount of $20 tickets for the show.

— It’s interesting to note that Karen Angle’s profile is listed in the roster section on the TNA website. It was definitely removed at one point this week as I saw the standard “You are not authorized to view this resource” page that comes up when a page gets deleted from the TNA website. The page was pulled when they pulled Johnny Devine’s profile. The profile, which you can see at this link, is intact with some photos as well. Additionally, Karen Angle’s photos in the Knockout section were put back up either today or late last night. The photos were definitely pulled for a few days. You can see them at this link.

See photos of Karen Angle handing a cheeseburger! (>>)

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