Kane Writes Open Letter To Former Secretary of Labor About Government Policy

WWE superstar Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) sent a letter to former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich regarding comments he made on the CNN’s “State of the Union” show that aired on Sunday before the Superbowl.

“You said that the government’s first priority should be to expand the social safety net, which will cause money to go directly into circulation,” Jacobs wrote. “Historically, government welfare programs have been wasteful, inefficient, and corrupt.

“Private charities do a much better job of administering aid to those in need with the final goal of helping the unemployed get back to work. Government programs, on the other hand, lead to longer periods of unemployment by encouraging welfare recipients to remain on the dole as long as possible.”

He continued on and eventually concluded with, “All in all, Professor Reich, it seems to me that your arguments defy logic and common sense. However, as a prominent economist, public policy expert, and opinion molder, I’m sure that you can explain what I am missing. I anxiously await your reply.”

To read the entire statement from the Big Red Machine, visit LewRockwell.com.

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