Kane Narrowly Wins Knox County Mayoral Primary Election

Kane (Real Name: Glenn Jacobs) has recently cleared the first and possibly toughest hurdle in his bid to become the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee by declaring a win in the primary election and moving on to the General Mayoral Election to be held later this year.
Jacobs went up against county commissioners Brad Anders and Bob Thomas in the primary election. The Election Commission in Knox County, Tennessee won’t have official results until next week due to provisional ballots but Jacobs won the primary election with 17 votes after all precincts have reported their results. Jacobs ended up with 14,633 votes while Anders had 14,616 and Thomas had 11,296.
Kane will now go up against former Knox County Democratic Party chair Linda Haney, who won the Democratic primary. The General Election takes place on November 6th and the office of Mayor will be decided then. You can check out some photos of Kane on the campaign trailer below along with his declaration and him thanking his fans for all the support:

Speaking with some of the great folks voting here at Bearden High School!#TogetherWeWin pic.twitter.com/cRh1HnMsuG
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 1, 2018

Great weather to vote here in Rocky Hill!#TogetherWeWin pic.twitter.com/Qmhpqh86AA
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 1, 2018

Enjoyed spending some time with the great folks at Northshore Elementary that are here Voting!#TogetherWeWin pic.twitter.com/IITNQ0eTap
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 1, 2018

Glenn, along with his family, volunteers and supporters declare victory in a hard-fought Knox County Mayoral race this evening. Together we won! Tomorrow, we move forward.
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 2, 2018

Thanks to everyone who helped win this historic victory!! The people who cast a ballot for me, my great team, my wonderful volunteers. Looking forward to VICTORY in the general election!
— Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 2, 2018

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