JR Blog Report: Sting In WWE, Teddy Hart, Brands Merging

Gool ‘ol Jim Ross is back again with another blog update from JRsBarBQ.com. As usual, you can read the full blog at his website, but here are the highlights:

Sting In WWE: I would love to personally see Sting have a productive and profitable “run” in the WWE before he hangs up his wrestling boots, but that is simply one man’s opinion. Will it happen? Only Sting can truly answer that question and no one else.

Teddy Hart’s Firing: Teddy Hart has had about 3 chances to stick with the WWE, as I recall. Whether or not he gets yet another chance isn’t my call. At some point, however, all involved in the process have to realize that some things just aren’t meant to be.

Brands Merging: In my opinion, if all the brands were merged there would be many talents who would lose their jobs, as one brand doesn’t require as many wrestlers as the WWE has under contract. I still believe that in time and with the development of new stars and fewer serious injuries to establish stars that the three brand system can still work. In time, I may change my mind but that’s how I feel about that matter today.

ECW’s TV Deal Renewal: The ECW brand is not going up in flames. Sci Fi has renewed the TV contract of the show and if one studies closely the ratings that ECW delivers to Sci Fi based on the other Sci Fi shows, one can see that ECW is an evolving asset to the cable network. When some of the ECW talents “get hot,” which will happen in time, then the Tuesday night show will indeed be considered much more “must see TV” than perhaps some perceive it to be now.

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