JR Blog Report: Ron Killings, Ric Flair, Mene Gene, Regal, Jillian Hall & More

Jim Ross posted another blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are the wrestling related highlights:

– I do not recall Ric Flair ever wrestling as “Playboy” Rick Flair, but perhaps some long time Flair fans can shed some light on that one. That doesn’t ring a bell to me. Flair was very busy then, usually as a defending NWA World Champion. It could have been a case of “gimmick infringement.”

– When asked if Ron Killings is in talks with WWE: How would I know? Remember, I don’t work in that department any longer, nor do I discuss with those folks who they are, or are not speaking with.

– Mean Gene is one of my all time favorite people in the biz, and I would love to hear him speak on his favorite moments in his career, including interviews and matches he has called. The AWA library would help provide some great memories.

– I don’t see a specific (William) Regal DVD anytime soon, which doesn’t lessen Regal’s skills or the fact that you are a fan of his. Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame also might be a little premature for Regal at this time, however the UK native’s in ring abilities are unique and enjoyable to watch. I, too, am a William Regal fan and would like to see him wrestle more on Raw.

– Regarding the surprising success of the Jillian Hall Christmas Album on Itunes: “I am shocked, but happy for the success of anyone in the biz. Do you think it has become a gag gift or has anyone heard it and thinks it is better than many of us have pre-judged? I still think Jillian’s singing is akin to Ellen Degeneres’ dancing.”

– Regarding his reaction to Undertaker defeating Batista at Wrestlemania: I was simply being a fan. It was very exciting. You have to admit I had a pretty good seat. I am NOT anti-Batista whatsoever, but I AM an Undertaker fan for many reasons, largely hinged around the singular word “respect.”

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