Jonathan Coachman Accused of Sexual Harrassment During ESPN Stint

Jonathan Coachman was an announcer on WWE for so many years, and he helped shine a light on pro wrestling by covering WWE content on ESPN. It was just announced that Coachman would be returning to Monday Night Raw permanently as a commentator for the Raw brand. Jonathan Coachman has since overtaken Booker T’s old spot on commmetary and he announces alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves. Coachman has accomplished a lot over the course of his career, and he was viewed as a respected broadcaster during his time working in ESPN. Recently though, some shocking accusations have been made against the Raw brand’s newest announcer.
According to an ex-employee currently suing ESPN, Coachman was “notorious” for sexually harassing the women that he worked with. Adrienne Lawrence filed a lawsuit against ESPN over the weekend for ignoring her complaints of sexual harrassment against SportsCenter host John Buccigross. However, she has also named Coachman in her lawsuit against the broadcast network, Documents filed state the following: “On or around January 18, 2016, SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman (“Coachman”) emailed Ms. Lawrence offering to provide her with mentorship and providing his cellphone number. When he contacted her via text, he quickly turned a professional conversation into a personal matter, asking her about her musical interests.” After being told that Lawrence had a boyfriend, Coachman did not make anymore advances.
However, Coachman’s allegations do not end there. He reportedly sent inappropriate photos of himself to several different female colleagues that he worked with, and he also supposedly falsely told his coworkers that said women “wanted” him. When Lawrence mentioned Coachman’s advances to Senior Coordinating Producer Jack Obringer, he allegedly indicated that Coachman’s wrongdoings were well-known already. Despite this, no disciplinary action was taken against Coachman. After being layed off last year, Coachman world return to announcing in WWE earlier this year. As of right now, neither WWE nor Coachman have commented on the matter.


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