Jon Moxley Claims “Vince McMahon Himself Is The Problem” With WWE

Last week, All Elite Wrestling’s news acquisition Jon Moxley sat down for a record breaking, tell-all interview with Chris Jericho shedding light on his frustrations behind-the-scenes in WWE. The episode of Talk is Jericho became the most-listened-to show in the podcast’s long history in under 10 hours, and his candid revelations about the WWE creative team have set the internet ablaze.

Just days before the former world champion gets set to make his debut in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Moxley sits down for another a massive interview with Wade Keller of PWTorch, and this time he pulls no punches in sharing his very real feelings about the boss himself, Vince McMahon.

“Looking back, I always pictured myself as one of Vince’s guys, because he likes me. But Vince is the problem. Vince himself is the problem. .. I was just there, I know the ins and outs, and he’s a problem. It’s a shame, because there’s so much great talent. There may have never been more talent there. All the wrestlers are awesome, so many people with charisma, and talent – the pool of talent is incredible. The resources they have, and all the television, and the network – it should be so great! And the one guy who’s screwing it up, I think, is Vince.”

Moxley admits that Vince used to be a legitimate creative genius, and talks at length in the podcast about many of the good ideas the boss had for him over the years – but these days, it’s not the same.

“In the 80s he was a genius. When he created Hulkamania, and he took over all the territories, and he took over cable television and all that. But in 2019 I don’t think he knows what the f*** is going on. He needs to figure it out, or step aside and let somebody who knows what’s going on do it.”

When asked if he thought Triple H would do a better job running WWE, Moxley was optimistic that the Hall of Famer would allow a more open environment for talent, but also recognized that things backstage wouldn’t become a “free-for-all” with him in charge.

“Who else is there? He’s clearly been preparing for this. When Vince isn’t there, he’s the guy you defer to. He’s got good ideas. His ideas are his ideas. He’s a lot more cerebral. He’s not really like a super open, collaborate – he thinks about things a lot. But I think that’s a much better option, between the two of them.”

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“I think he would be more open in giving people freedom. He’s smart, and he sees things his way. So if he sees you doing something and he envisions it a better way, he’ll come over and say, ‘Maybe we can do it this way.’ And a lot of times it’s even cooler. Just ask somebody in NXT that is around that system.”

“He wouldn’t be like, ‘it’s a free-for-all now!’ A lot of times he’ll explain to you – there’s been times I wanted to do stuff, and he says no, you can’t do that. I wanted to bleed everywhere, or whatever it is, and he’ll be like, ‘Well if we do that, I understand you think it’s cool, but we will lose a $10 million sponsor.’ That’s kind of hard to argue. I get it. It wouldn’t be a free-for-all, but maybe it would be better, you know?”

“Everybody seems to like NXT. I’ve never been there, or been around an NXT Takeover to see how those days go, so I can’t speak on how… I can speak on the day in the life of me, but I can’t tell you how it is in NXT. But everybody seems to like the show. What’s the key ingredient that’s missing? Vince. He’s the guy who ‘created wrestling’, but now he’s the guy who is holding his own company back. He needs to maybe step aside, take a break; go on a fishing trip. But he doesn’t work like that. Maybe for a month, just let Hunter run it for month and see what happens.”

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