John Cena On Missing Monday’s Raw, WrestleMania, And His ‘Never Give Up’ Catchphrase

Former 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena recently did an interview with SCMP, where he talked about missing Monday’s Raw, the possibility of WWE bringing WrestleMania to China, and he explained why his “Never Give Up” catchphrase is more than just a marketing tool.

Cena on working WWE live events and missing Monday’s Raw:

“I will literally spend more time in a fuselage than I will on the ground here, that’s how important this trip was to me. I was initially supposed to miss this event, and I bent time to be here. This is taking priority above a lot of things, including me being in the air the entire day on Monday, so you can do the maths to see how important this is.”

Cena on WWE possibly bringing WrestleMania to China:

“I think the possibilities are endless. Absolutely endless. Not only do I see potential success for Chinese superstars to move through the ranks, I envision a world where we do television broadcasts from over here. I envision a world where we do WrestleMania from here. So I would love to create a culture in China surrounding WWE, that’s with a strong developmental system for our superstars and hopefully a greater and greater live event presence. We encourage our audience to be in it and involved as they want. That culture is what really is going to drive our increased presence here. I hope I can encourage the crowd here to be … respectfully excited.”

Cena on why his “Never Give Up” catchphrase is more than just a marketing tool:

“It’s not something that I try to force people to understand. Those three words are led by example and led by action.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to check in and go to work and aside from calling it your job, to be able to affect people’s lives. If I can do both, I’m a super happy dude. I think the more fans in China that resonate with the WWE product, the more will like me and the more won’t like me. It’s the same everywhere.”

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