Jim Ross Talks About Working With Mayweather, Flair's Final Match & More

Jim Ross has posted a new post-WrestleMania blog at JRsbarbq.com. You can read the entire blog here. The following items are among the highlights.

— On working with Floyd Mayweather: “Floyd Mayweather is something else. The best celeb/athlete I think the WWE has ever worked with at a Wrestlemania. The Floyd-(Big) Show match far exceeded my expectations. Floyd was so gracious to me after the event, as he signed one of the gloves he used at WM 24. He also said he would love for yours truly to call his fights, which made me feel really good.”

— On on calling Ric Flair’s final match: “This WM24 was all about the “Naitch.” I love the guy, as does anyone who is Ric’s friend. I had to wipe tears from my eyes a few times during Ric’s match with HBK, who also had an emotional day on Sunday. Ric showed me a custom made Rolex that Shawn presented him to commemorate Ric’s induction into the HOF. Shawn Michaels, who has enduring respect for his boyhood idol, is a class act.”

— JR also teased: “Monday Night Raw is definitely ‘must see TV,’ if you are a fan of Ric Flair. Ric is scheduled to say his final goodbyes in the ring tonight. Tape tonight’s show….just trust me on that one.”

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