Jim Ross Confirms His Status For World Of Sport, Cody Rhodes On “ALL IN,” Does He Prefer Iron Man Or Captain America?

With the news breaking last week that World Of Sport is set to tape several episodes in the near future, Jim Ross has confirmed his status for the show.

Of course, WWE Hall Of Famer, JR, was a crucial part of World Of Sport’s original return, commentating on the New Years Eve special when it returned to the TV in the UK.

However, Jim Ross will sadly not be a part of World Of Sport’s upcoming future as he confirmed on Twitter that he isn’t going to be at the tapings, but wished them the best of luck.

Unfortunately, no, but I’m pulling for my friends at @ITV for @WOSWrestlingITV project. https://t.co/XG6ByxjmG8

— Jim Ross (@JRsBBQ) April 21, 2018

Cody Rhodes on “ALL IN” and Captain America or Iron Man?

Cody Rhodes has continued to tease fans about the highly anticipated ALL IN show, stating he is very excited to put on the show. Rhodes answered a fans tweet claiming he was staring at a whiteboard of the first mock-up match card.

Rhodes also answered a question as to whether he prefers Iron Man or Captain America, with Cody stating he prefers Captain America in the comics, but Tony Stark in the movies.

An early 1st run at the card is staring back at me on a whiteboard as we speak…

I’m so damn excited to do this show. https://t.co/Of4vGAKn0Q

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 23, 2018

In the books-Cap, in the mcu-Tony https://t.co/WstJYT7wCr

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 23, 2018

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