Jim Ross Comments On William Regal's Suspension, Owen Hart

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Jim Ross is back with another blog, which you can read in its entirety here. Some highlights:

William Regal’s Suspension: “I do not know the details of his recent 60 day suspension but I do not think that Regal has ‘fallen off the wagon’ and retreated to his misdirected ways of years gone by. Nonetheless, something went awry and the WWE Wellness Program, which is more thorough and organized than ever before, dropped the hammer on the talented Brit. With no pay for 60 days, two strikes against him and a family to care for, Regal finds himself in a challenging position. Some weak minded individuals could ‘poor me’ it and say to hell with it and revert back to those aforementioned issues, but, I do not think Regal fits into that category.”

A Lesson to be Learned: “This should be a great lesson for every one on the roster.. be careful of every thing one ingests, including over the counter supplements that might contain even traces of banned substances. Education again becomes a key term in this issue as it is incumbent on each individual with which this program applies to know what is banned and what is not.”

“No, I did not forget that it was almost nine years ago at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, the same arena Monday Night Raw emanated from this week, where Owen Hart fell to his death. We did not speak of it on air nor did I think that we would, but it was definitely a point of discussion for many of us during the day especially for the King and me on our drive down from Omaha on Monday. Jerry and I sat in the same exact spot this past Monday night that we sat 9 years ago on the saddest night of our careers. After Monday’s show went off the air, some fans in attendance started an ‘Owen’ chant which was emotional for many of us that were Owen’s friends and especially for those of us that were actually in attendance that night.”

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