Jerry Lawler Talks About His Health, How Lucky He Feels & Returning To WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler was recently interviewed by regarding his health after suffering a heart attack 3 weeks ago:

How Lucky He Feels: “For this kind of heart attack, only one out of 260 people survive. My girlfriend told me that on the way to the hospital they thought I was dead but they were still working on me and eventually shocked me seven times. It is a real comeback. People were asking me whether I saw bright lights and saw relatives who have passed. No, I didn’t see any of that. Michael Cole said that’s because I was heading in the opposite direction!”

His Health: “”I’m probably doing better than expected. I broke my leg in the 1980s and I was out of the ring for a year. That was painful and agonizing. The funny thing about this heart attack is I didn’t even realize it was happening. I just passed out. I didn’t have any excruciating pain. When I woke up three days later, the only soreness I had was in the chest from all the compressions they were giving me to revive me.”

Appearing at WWE’s Upcoming Events in Nashville (10/15) and Memphis (10/16): “I would like to. I know because of my voice that I would sound horrible on the air. It’s a few weeks away, so I honestly think I could; I’m so thankful for the fact that I feel good at this time.”

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