Jeff Hardy Incident, Edit On UK SmackDown, Scotty Goldman, SD In Canada Update

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The story on what happened with Jeff Hardy before his incident at an airport in Nashville still has not come out. All that is known is that he, his girlfriend Beth, and brother Matt were at a Japanese restaurant until the wee hours following the SmackDown/ECW taping in Nashville. Hardy was the talk of the WWE office the following two days, but nobody had a straight story on what happened and the creative team was kept in the dark as well. Hardy was not allowed to board a flight from Nashville to his home in Raleigh while in a group including Beth, Matt, and Gregory Helms.

— Teddy sent in the following… “Just thought I’d pass along that the segment featuring Jesse and Festus doing MyMoving on last night’s SmackDown was edited here in the UK on Sky probably because hyping the new network isn’t so important here. Sky actually left the ending with Vickie and Undertaker even though it showed the man-on-woman violence.” It’s interesting to note that several weeks ago, Sky edited out the segment in which Edge was tormenting Vickie in the ring, who proceeded to shove her.

– Devin Cutting sent in the following… The Score in Canada announced that they will continue to air WWE Smackdown on Friday nights. There had been some confusion over the show’s move to MyNetwork, and a number of Canadian fans contacted The Score with questions about the switch. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

— has added a profile on winless SmackDown wrestler Scotty Goldman at the following link.

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