JBL Making A Wrestling Comeback?, John Cena Rehabbing Hard, Fabulous Moolah

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— John Cena is said to be rehabbing his upper body twice a day.

— Fabulous Moolah held off her shoulder replacement surgery for years, since she knew that once she had the surgery, her wrestling career would be over. She finally had the surgery to her left shoulder the day before Halloween. WWE called Moolah before the surgery offering to take care of her expense, but she informed them that she had insurance and didn’t need financial assistance. After the surgery, she was in a lot of pain for the next few days. She got nauseous on Friday, November 2nd, and after she was given a shot, she was no longer breathing. It is believed that she may have had a heart attack, likely caused by the stress from the surgery, or possibly a blood clot stemming from the surgerical procedure.

— It is believed that JBL is coming out of retirement to make a return to the squared circle. It is not known if it’s a one-shot deal or full-fledged return. JBL has lost 25-30 pounds in recent months and is now down to around 270.

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