Islamic Scholar Punctures ’72 Virgins’ Theory, Says ‘Martyrs’ Will Only Get Raisins In Heaven

There’s a disappointing news for all those who seek martyrdom to eventually get “72 virgins in the heaven”. There are no virginsfor themat all, instead, thereare raisins. According to Canadian author and scholar of holy Quran, Irshad Manji,the word “virgin” in Quran meant raisin.

A story,done byglobalnation.inquirer.netgiving the reference of a CNN show, says thatManjihas found out discrepancies in the interpretation of the text.

“Nowhere in the Quran does it promise 72 virgins, 70 virgins, 48 virgins. … The Arabic word for ‘virgin’ has been mistranslated. The original [word] that was used in the Quran was the word for raisin, not virgin. In other words, that martyrs would get raisins in heaven, not virgins,” Manji said.Click Here: Newcastle United Shop

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