Iowa Democrats' list of satellite caucus sites includes 13 states, three foreign countries

Come Feb. 3, Iowa residents will be able to participate in the state’s caucus at 99 satellite sites across 13 states, D.C. and three other countries.

Seventy-one of the satellite sites are in-state at locations that provide extra accessibility to the caucus. 

“Iowa Democrats will have the option to caucus at locations like accessibility and assisted living centers, language and community gathering places, work centers, and union halls,” the Iowa Democratic Party said in a statement.


“Notably, there are 19 working-related sites, 21 student sites on college campuses, 38 sites that accommodate accessibility needs including aging service centers, 12 sites that are accommodating language and culture needs, and 9 sites for those Iowans who spend their winters in other parts of the country,” it continued.

The approved sites were picked from a list of 192 submitted applications. Of those, 136 applications were thought to be viable and from there, 99 of the remaining sites were approved.

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