Impact Wrestling Results (9/6): LAX Puts Their Careers Up Against The North’s World Tag Team Titles

Impact Wrestling Results
September 6, 2019
Mexico City

We look back on last week’s show with Taya Valkyrie retaining her Knockouts title, the debut of Tenille Dashwood, Moose calling out Ken Shamrock, and Sami Callihan demanding a world title shot from Brian Cage. We’re also reminded that LAX will put their careers on the line to face The North for the tag belts.

Looks like we’re starting out with action right away this week!


Su with some quick jabs right out of the gate, but Havok plants her with a backbreaker and a running knee strike. Havok throws her opponent in the corner and hits a pair of nasty running boots, before slamming her head into the turnbuckle, and unceremoniously tossing her across the ring. Havok continues to bash her head into the mat, but comes up empty on a running leg drop, and Yung tries to rally with kicks to the chest. She puts on her nasty, bloody glove and tries for the Mandible Claw, but Havok catches her by the neck, puts her down with a chokeslam and immediately locks in a Boston Crab. Yung into the ropes. Havok rushes the corner but gets caught with a Shotei. Yung does a little Old School rope-walking into a Hurricanrana, puts on the Mandible Claw but they both spill to the outside in the struggle. Yung is up first and hits a running cannonball off the apron. She goes to the well again, but Havok puts her in the Electric Chair and drops her down face-first onto the apron. Ouch. She takes a second to think about what to do next, decides on another Electric Chair, but the referee is in her facing yelling at her because Yung is knocked out. Turns out Yung was playing possum because she sprayed Poison Mist into her opponent’s face. The two continue to brawl outside of the ring, and the ref has apparently had enough and throws out the match.

Winner: No Contest

The North is backstage getting ready. Ethan Page says everybody wants to know what their gameplan is for tonight’s main event, but he doesn’t want to talk about that. He wants to focus all his energy on saying goodbye to LAX once and for all. He says LAX is willing to put everything on the line tonight, but so are they, because the Impact World Tag Team Championships mean everything to them. LAX can brag about losing the titles 4 times, but The North only needs one reign, because they’re never losing the titles.

Sami Callihan is with oVe at the compound. He’s in a good mood because tonight Brian Cage is finally going to give him what he deserves – a shot at the world title. His world title. Madman Fulton walks in and scares the hell out of all of them. Sami says the monster tonight is going to feast, and it brings oVe one step closer to having everything. Everything! EVERYTHING!


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