Impact Wrestling Results (7/26): Slammiversary Fallout, X-Division Title Rematch, Scarlett Bordeaux Debuts & More

Impact Wrestling Results
July 26, 2018

Report by Mike Killam for

— A video package highlighting pretty much everything from Slammiversary kicked off the show, before Josh Matthews and Don Callis welcomed us to the Rebel Complex in Toronto for a white hot episode of Impact Wrestling.


Austin Aries made his way to the ring, still your Impact World Champion. He talked about how Slammiversary is being called the “best pay-per-view in company history” by a lot of people, and he’s incredibly proud of the work that he and Moose did, putting on a traditional, world heavyweight championship classic in the main event of a great show. Aries then trashed the stars “sitting in a bubble” having pieces of paper handed to them, being told how to cut a promo each and every week. He said he left that world behind and now he’s the best in the world, and challenged anyone from any company, any station, any period to come out and TRY to take the title away from him.

While the champ was still talking, Eddie Edwards snuck into the ring with the kendo stick gifted to him by Tommy Dreamer at Slammiversary, and blasted Aries in the head with it, before dropping him with a DDT right on the title. The crowd wasn’t really sure what to do with this, as both guys have been villains for months now, but Edwards posed with the championship and raised his kendo stick high into the air.


The hometown hero got a big chant before the match began. They started things off with some great back and forth grappling, before Petey flew over the ropes into a Codebreaker. He put the Bullet Club star in the Tree of Woe and stomped a mudhole as the crowd started to sign “Oh, Canada”, but Ishimori rallied back and came out of nowhere with a springboard lariat to get back into the game. Bone Soldier tried to slow things down for a few minutes, working the rest holds, but Williams found his second wind and hit a beautiful tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker. He spent a bit too much time playing to the Toronto fans and turned around into double knees from Ishimori, who climbed the ropes, rolled to the floor, countered the Canadian Destroyer and connected with an inverted double knee gutbuster. Williams rallied and again went for the Destroyer, but instead ran into a stiff knee strike. The Bullet Club star connected with a modified Impaler DDT into his knee, picking up the victory.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

— After the match we got a show of sportsmanship and a handshake between Ishimori and Williams. As the two were celebrating the Desi Hit Squad ran out and attacked from behind, led by the legendary Gama Singh. They threw Bone Soldier hard into the steel ring steps, then turned their attention back to Williams, destroying him with a ripcord knee combo into a Sky High powerbomb.

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