‘I just try to answer in a polite way!’ – Klopp not focused on ‘105 point’ objective

The manager said after the match a record haul could be needed to win the title this season but clarified later he isn’t focused on that

Jurgen Klopp attempted to clarify comments saying it would take 105 points to win the Premier League and he added it isn’t something he is focused on.

Liverpool ensured they will be top of the table on Christmas with a 2-0 win away at Wolves on Friday, moving them to 48 points on the season.

Manchester City currently sit four behind though they can cut that back to one point with a win against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Even Tottenham, in third, are not far off with 39 points and the chance to cut their deficit to the Reds back down to six if they can defeat Everton on Sunday.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the match, Klopp said: “You will probably need 105 to be champions at the end of the season, you don’t know.”

Klopp aimed to clarify those comments afterward, noting he is not focusing beating Manchester City’s record haul from last season, and is instead focusing on a tight title race.

“I don’t know what any team will need,” Klopp said. “I just said it is different, because everybody asks me about the situation. Somebody said the last four times, the team who was first in the table at Christmas won the league, but was it ever such a tight race?

“If all the other teams win tomorrow, then I think three or four teams have more than 40 points, which is really exceptional.

“If you want to do the headline ‘Klopp says you need 105 points to become champion’ then do it, but we don’t think about it. I didn’t think before, and I don’t think about it after. I just try to answer in a polite way!”

Liverpool’s victory was marred by an injury to Naby Keita, who came off in the second half for Adam Lallana.

Klopp criticised those who felt Keita dived earlier in the match, and noted his midfielder had sustained a cut on his foot and a problem to his ribs.

However, the manager believes his player should recover quickly.

“Was there a penalty, because he had a proper cut on the foot!” Klopp said. “Everybody says ‘oh, it was a dive’ but you don’t get a cut from a dive.

“That was one thing, and he had another one on his ribs.

“It should be good. Two things that are painful but shouldn’t be a big problem.”

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