Humans share the stage with virtual peers

The AI+Art Journey of Wonder, a special event that is part of the ongoing 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, was held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai on Aug 29.

The event featured Luo Tianyi, one of the most popular Chinese virtual idols developed by the Yamaha Corporation in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co Ltd, who was the co-host alongside compere Zhou Junfu.

The highlight of the event was an Italian robot playing the piano while singing a song accompanied by real singers.

The event also featured seven performances that integrated AI with modern dancers, folk songs, Kun Opera as well as piano performances that were complemented with holograms and 3D images.

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Dai Xiaorong, a professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music who was the art director of the event, said that she found that AI can create more space and inspiration for artistic creation and bring the audience a unique experience that integrates art, science and technology.

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