Hogan Responds To People Who Say He Never Jobs, Anderson Takes Shot At WWE

— Hulk Hogan refuted criticism that he “never jobs.” He wrote last Friday on Twitter in response to a fan alleging he would not agree to job to wrestlers below his level of stardom: “You mean like Billy Kidman, who beat me 3 weeks in a row. HH.”

When asked about not jobbing to Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam 2005, he responded: “Vince is the only man that makes those decisions, that came from him. hbk didn’t want to job, not me. Bye, over it. HH.”

— Mr. Anderson took a shot at WWE while cutting a pre-match promo at yesterday’s TNA live event in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

As Anderson yelled “Mr.,” an audience member yelled, “Kennedy!” He stopped and said, “No, he died in a horrible train wreck — a train wreck that can be seen on USA every Monday night!”

Anderson beat Jeff Jarrett via pinfall in the main event.

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source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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