HHH on Where The Next Performance Centers Will Be, Tryout Process

WWE has made dramatic strides with their imprint in The United Kingdom already in 2018 thanks to two new developments. The first was NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, which was NXT UK’s first network special and the second was when The UK Performance Center was unveiled.
But WWE isn’t stopping with just another Performance Center in The UK as there are plans for more Performance Centers all over the world. WWE COO Triple H recently revealed where else a WWE Performance Center could pop up in the near future, as seen below:
“I can tell you there will be a performance center in India,” Triple H told The National in Abu Dhabi. “There will be a performance center in the Middle East. There will, more than likely, be a performance center in Latin America. We will be replicating this process around the globe, all over.”
Last year, Shadia Bseiso became the first woman from The Middle East to sign with WWE and she reported to The Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. But instead of bringing The Middle East to WWE again, Triple H says he will bring WWE to The Middle East via a Performance Center, as seen below:
“I see that, as you said, the product is very big there, very successful there, there’s a lot of people that have a very strong interest in it,” Triple H said of the WWE’s popularity in The Middle East.
“If we go in the Middle East and we start to recruit there and we see that all of a sudden there’s this massive interest, there’s massive depth of people that we feel have the ability to succeed, then we would go there first, or quicker.”
WWE is clearly looking for talented individuals from all over the globe and he discussed WWE’s strategy when evaluating prospects, as seen below:
“We will scour, we will go through those people, we will talk to them, we will whittle that down to the best of the best,” stated Triple H. “We’ll bring them in to try out for us. They’ll come in for a few days, we’ll put them through some really hard stuff. But we’re not just looking to wear them out physically because what we’re looking for is, they wear down physically, we’re looking for how they handle that mentally.
“What becomes of them? Are they leaders? When they get tired, do they help the person next to them? Or do they push the person next to them down, to try to succeed, themselves? It’s all part of the process.”
Once WWE has weeded out the weak and found a nice crop of potential Superstars, Triple H then explains the next steps they go through at The Performance Center, as seen below:
“We’ll then find talent that we believe have the skill set and the right mentality to become WWE Superstars,” said Triple H. “We’ve become very successful at that whittling down process. We’ll begin to look at them. Whether we bring them here, whether we bring them at first to the UK, when we feel like we’re beginning to see enough of that passion process and enough boiling up to the top, then we’re ready and we’re already looking at the process.
“I don’t want to say it’s like we’re waiting – we will have all the steps in place to then begin to execute a performance center.”

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