HHH Having Second Thoughts On Orton Feud; Wants Him To Defeat Cena

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It appears as if Triple H is having second thoughts on his proposed upcoming return feud with Randy Orton. The original plan was for The Game to return in a main event feud with his former Evolution member and work a match against him at the end of the summer at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. However, Triple H is now pushing for Orton to get a run with the WWE title.

Triple H’s reasoning for not wanting to return in a feud with Orton is because he feels that Orton is the top heel character on RAW and it would kill his momentum if he should come back and beat The Legend Killer. Furthermore, Triple H thinks that John Cena would benefit more from losing the title as he has been getting a lot of resentment boos from fans that are tired of him as champion. From a business aspect, a program with John Cena chasing Randy Orton for the title would probably be more profitable.

The feeling now is that Triple H’s feud with Randy Orton will be delayed for one of the other four major pay-per-views whether it be Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, or WrestleMania.

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