Harley Race Looks At WrestleMania, Koko B. Ware Talks WWE HOF, Cornette Talks


Tommy Fierro and Brian Solomon talk about the recent passing of Test this week on Who’s Slamming Who. They talk about how the media is going to react to this, especially now that’s just come out that Jesse Ventura wanted to get WWE investigated. They also talk about WrestleMania 25, what matches on the show have that “Wrestlemania” feel to it, tonight’s Raw, Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy, Danny Bonaduce going to TNA, and much more.

The Road To WrestleMania continues this week on Who’s Slamming Who with WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race joining the main show. Harley talks about a ton of different topics, including: His memories of working at WrestleMania 3 against JYD, his first reaction when hearing about Vince McMahon’s idea for WrestleMania, wrestling against Hulk Hogan, thoughts on being “The King”, his brawl at the Slammy Awards with Jim Duggan, being a part of the Ric Flair retirement on Raw, being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, thoughts on having Bobby Heenan as his manager, and much more!

Koko B. Ware joins the main show this week on Who’s Slamming Who to talk all about being inducted into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame this year. Koko also talks about a ton of different topics, including: First getting signed by WWF, his personal favorite WrestleMania memory, Piledriver, thoughts on Hulk Hogan, what he thinks of today’s product, and much more. Speaking of Piledriver, Koko even sings it for you on tonight’s show!

Jim Cornette talks about WWF’s Brawl For All, his altercation with Santino Marella, Flloyd Mayweather/Big Show angle, celebrities in wrestling, Boogeyman’s release, and much more this week on the #1 rated segment on Who’s Slamming Who, Cornette’s Commentary.

After an extremely successful debut last, Kevin Kelly is back with his second edition of Byte Back. This week, Kevin talks about Test and what he believe needs to be done in order to help prevent more deaths in the future.

Lanny Poffo talks about the death of Test and the fallen comrades of wrestling who died young this week on Poetry in Motion.

This week on The Bolin Alley, Kenny Bolin defends Selma’s confessional about Jim Cornette and the attempted date rape from 5 years ago. The King also reads a personal letter from Jerry Jarret himself as to the shocking and REAL reason he’s taking a break from Who’s Slamming Who, and it’s not what he said on the air. Jerry did not want this info released to the general public but the King of managers feels it is necessary to prove many of the points he has been saying on the Bolin Alley the past few months. Maybe once you hear Mr. Jarrett’s words you will all start to believe what Mr. Bolin has been saying.

This week on Inside The Behrens Bubble, Bill Behrens continues telling stories, but this time the stories are not all fun, nor positive. This week the stories involve drugs and alcohol and while some of the stories may be fun or funny, the greater and real point that is hopefully that drugs and alcohol do not belong in any pro wrestling lockerroom.

This week on the Condefellia Chronicles, Danny Doring talks about wrestling Crowbar over the weekend, doing ECW reunion shows, Roadkill, and much more.

Netflix. WWE 24/7. WWE.com Legacy. With the Internet growing, there are plenty of places to get your classic wrestling footage fix. But with the economy in a slump, how do you feed your addiction while at the same time keeping your bank account out of the red? This week, The History of WWE’s Graham Cawthon takes a look at one website out there that’s been somewhat under the radar but might just have the best selection on the web. And, best of all, it’s free. Want to watch classic matches from the Omni? Pay-per-views that were never released on home video? Wee TV episodes from 20 years ago? Check out this week’s show and take advantage of the footage while you still can.

On this week’s edition of Pile-Driving The Pages with Robert Rosen, the continuation of “Benoit”. Nancy Benoit didn’t stumble in to the wrestling business. She worked hard and plied her trade in several places. Find out more about the late Nancy Benoit’s journey in professional wrestling. Plus a few questions about the tragic, recent passing of Andrew “Test” Martin.

This week on Wrestling Then & Now, Evan Ginzburg looks at the state of Independenet wrestling.

Plus listen to all new exclusive segments by: Joe “The Assassin” Hamilton, Michael Modest, Danny Inferno, Lodi, Rob Feinstein, Mike Quackenbush, and more!

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