Haas Hints At Next Impersonation, Goldberg, FCW On TV Tonight, Scotty Goldman

— Charlie Haas has posted a blog talking about his Supplement store, newborn child, and who he may be impersonating next. Haas wrote: “AND WHAT SO MANY OF YOU ( & I ) HAVE BEEN ANTICIPATING…..WHO’S TO COME THIS WEEK from your’s truly…”Mr. Personality – or as many refer to me as “The Man of Many Faces”! Well, all I can “clue” ya in on is that you may be knowing this week a bit sooner than usual – catch my drift?!!?” The title of the blog reads “What AND WHO’s next….?….!”, which should give you an indication of who he’s talking about. {What AND WHO’s next….?….!}

— Speaking of Goldberg, WWE 24/7 has started airing the episodes of Nitro in which his legendary streak started. On last week’s airing he faced Hugh Morrus and this week he squares off with the Barbarian. WWE 24/7 also recently aired a clip of Goldberg beating Triple H for the World Heavyweight Champion at Unforgiven 2003, which hadn’t been shown in a few years.

— WWE’s developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling has finally secured a television deal. The weekly series begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. on the Brighthouse Sports Network in Tampa, Florida.

— SmackDown Superstar Scotty Goldman has posted two new blogs on the WWE Universe site. He posted a blog on some Frequently Asked Questions regarding him, as well as a second blog talking about wrestling movies, the election, Abraham Lincoln, being from Chicago, and more. You can read the second blog at this link.

Click here to see pics of Goldberg’s infamous WWE run (>>)

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