Glenn Jacobs Says Kane Is Everything He's Not; How He's Been Able To Last

Speaking to Times of India, Glenn Jacobs says he’s not at all like his sadistic Kane character in real life.

“Kane is everything I’m not,” he says of the man behind the mask. “But also, I think that what has always drawn people to Kane is that he has an emotional depth. The presentation is awesome, he’s a great character. All the things he says, people always see that there’s something behind that and that’s what they relate to. I’m pretty much the opposite. I’m not Kane for sure.”

Jacobs, who portrayed a character similar to Kane in the 2006 slasher film See No Evil, feels his involvement with wrestling taught him how to act.

He said, “I don’t know if wrestling naturally progresses to acting. It depends on the individual. You have Dwayne (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) who’s probably doing the best of everybody, but it’s hard to say if it’s a natural thing that happens after wrestling. Of course, acting is what we do as part of the entertainment. In fact, we are more like a live action soap opera. I wore a mask for most of my career, but that helped me with certain skills that people have otherwise. One time someone asked Robert De Niro what acting meant to him and he held his hand in front of his face and said ‘this is me when I’m angry’, ‘this is me when I’m sad’ and so forth. All that time, his face didn’t change but you could see something did change that expressed those emotions and you could tell what he was trying to say…”

In his twenty-first year as a professional wrestler, Jacobs feels he has been able to withstand its rigors by keeping himself in shape.

“What we do is athletic, basically. There were the days when the guys were huge and bulky and with bellies, but now we have to be in good shape,” he said. “We have to have pretty good endurance. I’ve been pretty fortunate as far injuries are concerned. I’ve had minor injuries… Torn a bicep, broken a hand… It’s the worst for some people who get the nagging injuries, but I’ve taken good care of myself.”

Jacobs also discusses his promotional trip of India, whether he would be interested in appearing in a Bollywood film, the hardest part of being a wrestler and more. The full interview is available here.

Photo of Kane in his home swimming pool

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