GFW Interested in Signing Former WWE Champion, GFW Star Done?

Top Global Force Wrestling executive Dutch Mantell recently took part in a media conference call. As usual, he was asked a ton of questions relating to GFW, but one interesting one stood out the most. In Ring Pop called in to ask Mantell if the company was interested in signing former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger. Dutch then confirmed that there is indeed interest from the company to sign Swagger to Global Force. Jack Swagger has confirmed that he wants to continue his wrestling career, and his friendship with Mantell (that they maintain to this day) could definitely help pave the way for him to enter Global Force Wrestling in the near future.
Jack Swagger made his debut on WWE’s ECW brand back in 2008, and he competed for the company until he was granted his release in March of this year. During his time with WWE, Swagger managed to impress audiences with his great size and athleticism. He even managed to successfully cash in his Money in the Bank contract to win the World Heavyweight Championship back in 2010. His last stint of success in WWE actually saw Swagger team up with Dutch Mantell (then known as Zeb Colter) as a pair of All-American patriots. Mantell stated that Swagger is currently enjoying his time away from WWE right now, but he could definitely be on his way to GFW very soon.
On the subject of Global Force Wrestling, it appears that the company has officially severed ties with one of their employees. It looks like Brandi Rhodes is officially done with the promotion as her profile on GFW’s website is no longer listed in the active roster or alumni sections. Her departure has been rumored for a while, especially since her husband Cody left GFW a while back as well. Rhodes last competed for the company in April of this year. Brandi currently wrestles and accompanies her her husband in various independent wrestling promotions and neither are expected to return to GFW in the immediate future.

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