Gabe Sapolsky Reportedly Working on Creative for NXT

Gabe Sapolsky is a wrestling promoter who has worked for multiple different wrestling companies over the year. Sapolsky has been part of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, and Ring of Honor over the years. He is famous now for being the co-owner of Evolve Wrestling. In recent years though, Sapolsky has managed to form a relationship with Paul “Triple H” Levesque. This working relationship between Sapolsky’s promotion and WWE has resulted in numerous Evolve talents making the jump over to either NXT or WWE’s main roster shows in recent years. However, it may be possible that Sapolsky is doing more with WWE than we may think.
NXT Championship contender Drew McIntyre was a guest on a recent edition of Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s podcast. During the interview, Drew made the claim that Gabe Sapolsky has actually been working for NXT in the creative department. McIntyre spoke on Sapolsky by stating: “He thinks so far ahead. He always just gets me…He’s in NXT now. He’s able to help me out. Gabe is able to say ’hey if we give you a mic in the ring that’s like a stronger area for a guy who really wasn’t a promo guy before.” Is it possible that Gabe will join the NXT brand to work on creative sometime soon? Well, it does seem like this could become a bigger story as the year goes on.
PWInsider claims that Gabe was backstage at the most recent set of NXT tapings over at Full Sail University. It also appears that there have been talks for Sapolsky to receive a tryout of sorts for the new gig. The new report also claims that he may already be in the process of working under current NXT lead writer Joe Belcastro. Sapolsky has been involved in the wrestling business for over two decades now, and he clearly has an idea of how the business works if he was able to build such a strong relationship with WWE. Hopefully more on this subject will be uncovered as the weeks go on, but Sapolsky does not officially work for WWE at the moment.

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