Formula 1 unveils new era archetype 2022 car!

Formula 1 has pulled the covers off the sport’s new era archetype car that embodies the radical new regulations that will be introduced from 2022.

Grand Prix racing will undergo a major overhaul next year, with a new rule book that ambitions to improve the on-track competition by allowing cars to run closer together.

To achieve that objective, F1’s stakeholders have opted for a more prescriptive approach to the regulations and to aerodynamics in particular, with the return of ground effects aero.

The new concept is marked by its clean, simple and uncluttered design that features less sophisticated front and rear wings, simpler sidepods and bargeboards, a more straightforward shaped floor, over-wing winglets and 18-inch wheels with low-profile Pirelli tyres.

“We want to make it more possible for cars to race each and follow each other and to have more exciting battles,” commented the FIA’s head of single-seater technical matters Nikolas Tombazis

“We want to have tyres that enable people to fight each other without degrading or only giving a short interval for the person attacking to attack.

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“They are simpler than the current cars because a lot of the small components have been removed, especially in front of the sidepods, the front wings are simpler.

“There is a diffuser going right under the car – a venturi channel type manner. There are tunnels under the sidepods from the front to the back.”

Of course, each team will offer its own interpretation of F1’s new regulations which means that next year’s contenders might depart somewhat from F1’s profile-type design.

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