Football Manager 2019 Touch on Nintendo Switch: New features, gameplay changes & price

The mobile edition of the FM games is back on Switch, making it the only console version of this season’s game

Football Manager 2019 Touch is now available for download on Nintendo Switch around the world, with a North America release on December 6 following Europe’s release at the end of November.

FM 2019 Touch is the mobile edition of the FM games and is the version playable on Nintendo Switch –  the only console you can play an FM game on.

It’s a streamlined version of the full PC experience, designed to be quicker and simpler for those who want to play on the go while commuting or travelling, or at home without being on the computer.

Football Manager 2019 Touch is a streamlined version of the game, designed to be played on the go and hence, is much quicker and simpler than the classic game.

It isn’t as detailed as the classic version but is still packed with content and allows anyone to live out their fantasy as a football manager.

The portability and power of the Switch makes it the perfect home for Touch while you’ll have to log into your PC for the full, meticulous experience.

One major difference FM veterans will notice is the omittance of team talks and press conferences, and the game doesn’t feature a complex morale system. Players are still be affected by morale but it’s a simpler system.

Also in Touch, you do not have a youth team to look after. Instead, your chosen club will have a combined reserve side with a few youngsters included. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to scout and fully develop wonderkids into world-class superstars.

There is plenty of depth for football fans to sink their teeth into on Nintendo Switch with 2,500 teams to choose from including the new Bundesliga license. This includes all 36 teams from the top two German leagues with fully licensed kits, player faces and trophies.

Touch players can still customise their tactics fully, opting for play-styles such as tika-taka or gegenpressing. There is a variety of new team instructions on Touch this year that you will be able to experiment with.

Training has also been overhauled for FM 2019 Touch with new sessions and schedules to make give you more control then preparing your squad for the weekend’s fixtures. It will be easier to navigate the menus too as the game sports a slick new look with UI improvements.

Finally, if you’re new to the FM franchise, Sport Interactive has developed a new interactive tutorial to help you get your head around all the different sides of management. If there are still some areas you’re not as confident in, you can delegate those tasks to your assistant manager. 

Football Manager 2019 Touch can be downloaded on Nintendo Switch now from the Nintendo eShop for £29.99 in the UK or $39.99 in the US.

The Touch version of the game can also be bought for PC and Mac on Steam, costing £21.99 or $29.99 respectively.

This is slightly cheaper than the full, classic version of FM19 which is on PC and Mac only. Steam is currently selling that version of the game for £37.99 in the UK and $49.99 in the US.

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