Film Maker Creates Unique Hulkamania Tour Movie (Video Link)

Australian film maker Keith Loutit used special photo lenses and time lapse animation to create a unique short film of last Saturday’s Hulkamania show in Melbourne.

Loutit explained to Australia’s 9 News how he made the film and why he selected the Hulkamania tour as his latest project.

“Tilt-shift photography creates a narrow depth of field, It creates the illusion of something that is really small and close to the eye. Time lapse creates the very jerky feel which makes it feel like claymation. Most of the work I do is documentary work around Sydney but I wanted an opportunity to shoot something that I felt would suit the style”

Loutit thinks that the claymation effect would translate well to pro wrestling, which has immortalized its superstars in toy form for decades. “Hulk Hogan was such a pop culture icon in the ’80s and ’90s and people of my generation had Hulk Hogan action figures, so it seemed like a good choice.”

To view the video, visit

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