Fergie launches jewellery with a difference

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has launched two jewellery lines. Together with K&G Creations, with whom she has a three-year contract, Ferguson has created Sarah Ferguson for K&G Creations, a 400 piece line and the Sarah Ferguson Signature Collection, which consists of 600 pieces. Both ranges will be sold in the US , at shops operated by Finlay Fine Jewellery in department stores like Macy’s.

Materials used in the collections include white and yellow gold, coloured quartz, pearls and Moissanite, a colourless crystal. Ferguson chose Moissanite specifically because she feels that “you can wear beautiful things and give people a chance to afford them.” Styles range from the classic to the more modern looks. The prices range from $400 (£210) for a 1-carat stud earring to $18,000 for a limited edition, 18 carat necklace.

Her royalties will go to the Sarah Ferguson Foundation, which supports children’s charities. “I really love the fact that, just by doing this, we can bring a smile to a child’s face,” she said. “That’s what revs my engines.”

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