Fashion Mavericks to launch during LFW

The first of a series of events, Fashion Mavericks will launch during London Fashion Week, 19th-22nd February 2010, to present an eclectic mix of new and established designers. Fashion Mavericks aims to provide a breath of fresh air to the fashion week by offering great designs to marvel and gasp upon, good company with like minded people and a chance to mix and network with industry specialists.

The art deco-esque venue of the Strand Palace Hotel is the perfect location as spectators are able to enjoy the four day event amidst the scheduled events taking place at Somerset House which is just a short stroll away, ensuring all key guests are kept in perfect reach of other nearby events.

Each year millions of people from around the world flock to attend London Fashion Week and being in the centre of all the weeks activity this event will certainly be in the right place, at the right time and showing the right designs.

With the first edition of a series of events, Fashion Mavericks will invite and aim to ensure they capture fashion enthusiasts through various channels of marketing (pre and post event) which will include a heavy online presence and form partnerships with selected media publications.

This event will take place on the 19th – 22nd of February 2010 and will aim to attract 300-400 spectators per day ensuring all brands and companies involved get the maximum exposure required to create the exposure needed.

Image: Fashion Mavericks

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