EVOLVE 105 Results (05/20): Livonia, Michigan

Last Sunday, EVOLVE Wrestling held their EVOLVE 105 Event which was co-presented by World Wrestling Network. The event took place at the Monaghan Knights of Columbus Hall in Livonia, Michigan. The show was highlighted by Matt Riddle defending his EVOLVE Title against Keith Lee in the main event.
Below are complete results from the show:
– Orlando Christopher & N8 Mattson def. The End (Parrow & Drennan) w/ Odinson by DQ. The winning team were two local Michigan area veterans who were getting an opportunity on the main card. Parrow and Drennan dominated throughout, but the referee caught Drennan using a baton/club and called for the bell. The End continued their assault until Tracy Williams evened the odds, leading to the next match.

– Tracy Williams def. Odinson (w/ The End). Odinson dominated with power moves early on, but Williams wouldn’t stay down and used a crossface for the submission victory. Dominic Garrini, Chris Dickinson, and Jaka of Catch Point then jumped him as Stokely Hathaway let Williams know that they weren’t through. James Drake and Anthony Henry, who would face Dickinson and Jaka later in the show, made the save.
– A match that was about to happen was broken up by Bryan Idol (the former Earl Cooter), who issued a challenge to Fred Yehi for FIP this coming Friday in Ybor City, Florida.
– AR Fox (w/ The Skulk) def. Myron Reed. Great showing by both men. They both proved that they’re capable of doing things in the ring that many are not. Reed cleared the ring post on a dive to take out The Skulk at ringside. Fox did an incredible cutter into a dragon sleeper combo and ended up winning with the Fox Catcher. Reed looks like he belongs with the EVOLVE regulars.
– Josh Briggs won a fray match. This was a multi-man elimination match that featured wrestlers from WildKat Wrestling, along with Snoop Strikes and Garrini. Garrini was the final person eliminated. It was a major showcase for Briggs, who won with a chokeslam into a double knee backbreaker.

– DJZ def. Zachary Wentz. They had a back-and-forth match where the up-and-coming Wentz held his own with DJZ. DJZ hit a great looking DDT for the win.
– Shane Strickland def. Darby Allin. Before the match, Strickland said he broke the unbreakable last night when he took out the arm of Matt Riddle and tonight he’ll break Allin’s arm as well. The storyline is that all of this is because the “WWN family” wouldn’t sign Strickland three years ago and he made himself a big enough star on his own to come back and destroy them. Allin out-wrestled Strickland early on with roll throughs and reversals. As he said he would, Strickland targeted the arm and even lodged it in the top of the ring post box before delivering a stomp. Allin kept fighting and even scored a near fall with a Code Red, but Strickland wrenched the arm and snapped it back before applying a key lock.
– WWN & FIP Champion Austin Theory (w/ Priscilla Kelly) def. Trey Miguel in a non-title match. Miguel used some flashy offense here, including a flip dive to the outside on Theory, a meteora from the top, and some impressive speed off the ropes. But Theory was just too much for Miguel and put him away with a pumphandle slam. AR Fox, who trained Theory, and The Skulk made his way to the ring as Fox hasn’t been happy with Theory’s actions or representation as champion. Ayla Fox also got into it with Kelly before they were pulled apart.

– EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Chris Dickinson & Jaka def. Anthony Henry & James Drake to retain their titles. The crowd loved this match and were solidly behind Henry and Drake. There were incredible near falls late, including a huge moonsault by the big man Drake, but the champions were able to hit the Death Trap for the victory. The audience gave a standing ovation for Henry and Drake as they left.
– Before the main event announcements could happen, Theory took the mic to challenge AR Fox for an August 12th Event in the same venue.
– EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle def. Keith Lee to retain his title. They had an incredible match, possibly their best together and this was with Riddle having his arm wrapped up and selling the damage Strickland did the previous night. There were no rope breaks and they did everything you’d expect from these two: chops, strikes, tombstones by both, a Spirit Bomb by Lee, and it took a vicious running knee strike to the back of the head for Riddle to win. Riddle called out Strickland after the match. Strickland circled the ring with a chair before teasing a fight, but he backed off and implied that he’ll fight when the title is on the line. Riddle then took the mic to say “that sucked” before turning his attention back to Lee, who had been seated at ringside after their battle. Riddle thanked and celebrated Lee with the crowd while insisting we don’t know where he may end up, but the crowd loudly chanted “NXT.” Riddle then said, from the bottom of his heart, he loves Lee before leaving the ring to him. Lee thanked everyone for supporting him and asked for everyone to continue supporting EVOLVE even if he’s not there. The crowd was great for all of this and it felt like a true graduation.
Source: F4WOnline.com

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