Even Ryan Reynolds Is Fascinated by the KarJenner Baby Boom

Since multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE over three months ago that both Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian are pregnant, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the official announcements — including, apparently, Ryan Reynolds.

The Deadpool star — who, at this point, has established himself as one of the funniest celebrities on Twitter — revealed he’s been pondering famous family’s baby boom in a tweet Tuesday.

“Can someone settle an argument between me and my priest? Which Kardashians are pregnant?” he asked.

Of course, anyone Keeping Up lately can answer that for him: Kim Kardashian West, 37, is currently expecting her third child and second daughter with Kanye West, 40, via surrogate, Khloé, 33, is expecting her first child, a baby boy, with her boyfriend, 26-year-old NBA star Tristan Thompson (she finally confirmed the news last month), and Kylie, 20, is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her boyfriend, 25-year-old rapper Travis Scott — though she has yet to publicly address her pregnancy and has remained entirely under the radar in recent months.

So which KarJenner sisters aren’t expecting? Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner — but that doesn’t stop the internet from stirring up rumors from time to time. And when that happens, don’t expect these two to let it fly.

In October, Kourtney, 38, clarified that headlines claiming she revealed she was pregnant in an interview were false.

“I see online that I said I was pregnant in an interview, but that was completely taken out of context,” she tweeted. “The interviewer asked me, ‘What’s a crazy rumor that you’ve heard about yourself?’ and my answer was … ‘I’ve heard that I am pregnant.’ ”

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And Kendall, 22, had her own response to fans speculating that she might be pregnant after she posted a photo last week wearing a skin-tight polka dot dress that clung to her curves.

“I just like bagels ok!!!” she tweeted. Same, Kenny!

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