Euro 2020 group permutations: Who needs what to reach last 16…

The final matchday of the Euro 2020 group stage kicks off on Sunday, with 23 teams still retaining hope of reaching the knockout phase.

Here’s who needs what to qualify for the last 16…

Confirmed qualifiers: Italy, Belgium, Netherlands
Heading home: North Macedonia


Group A

1) Italy: pts, +6 GD
2) Wales: pts, +2 GD
3) Switzerland: pt, -3 GD
4) Turkey: pts, -5 GD

Remaining fixtures
Sunday June 20, 5pm: Italy v Wales (Rome), Switzerland vs Turkey (Baku)

Italy are through after two wins from their first two matches. They will top the group as long as they avoid defeat to Wales.

Wales can go through as group winners if they beat Italy in Rome. Piece of p*ss. Robert Page’s men will finish as runner-up if they draw with Italy. If they lose, then they will still retain second place as long as Switzerland don’t beat Turkey.

The loser in Switzerland v Turkey will be out. The best Turkey can hope for is third with a win over the Swiss, but three points might not be enough to seal one of the four places on offer for the six third-place finishers.

Last 16 
Winner v runner-up from Group C at Wembley
Runner-up v runner-up from Group B in Amsterdam.


Euro 2020: Italy v Wales, Switzerland v Turkey


Group B

1) Belgium: 6 pts, +4 GD
2) Russia: 3 pts, -2 GD
3) Finland: 3 pts, 0 GD
4) Denmark: 0 pts, -2 GD

Monday June 21, 8pm: Russia v Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland v Belgium (St Petersburg)

Belgium are through and need only a draw against Finland to go through as winners.

Denmark have lost both games so far but could yet finish second if they beat Russia and Finland lose to Belgium. The Danes also need a claw back a two-goal goal difference deficit on Finland.

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A win puts Russia though but they can also qualify with a draw against Denmark if Finland fail to beat Belgium.

Finland are in a similar predicament. Beating Belgium will see them through, or a draw combined with a Russia defeat to Denmark will be enough.

Last 16 
Winner v third from Group A, D, E or F in Seville.
Runner-up v runner-up from Group A in Amsterdam.


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Group C

1): Netherlands 6 pts, +3 GD
2): Ukraine 4 pts, 0 GD
3): Austria 1 pt, 0 GD
4): North Macedonia 0 pts, -3 GD

Monday June 21, 5pm: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (Amsterdam), Ukraine vs Austria (Bucharest)

Netherlands are through as group winners; North Macedonia are going home on Tuesday. So that’s sorted.

Whichever nation wins the Austria v Ukraine clash will qualify as runner-up. A draw would be enough for Ukraine to finish second, which would leave Austria hoping for one of the four qualifying spots up for grabs among the third-place finishers.

Last 16 
Netherlands v third from Group D, E or F in Budapest
Runner-up v winner of Group A at Wembley.


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Group D

1) Czech Republic: 4 pts, +2 GD
2) England: 4 pts, +1 GD
3) Croatia: 1 pt, -1 GD
4) Scotland: 1 pt, -2 GD

Tuesday June 22, 8pm: England v Czech Republic; (Wembley), Scotland v Croatia (Hampden Park)

England need to beat Czech Republic to win the group. That’s if they want to. A draw may give football a more comfortable route through the knockout stages on its way home.

If Czech Republic avoid defeat at Wembley, they will top the group. Be our guest, lads…

Even if England lose, their current haul of four points should be enough to see them into the knockout phase – the same goes for the Czechs – probably as runner-up unless Croatia or Scotland enjoy a comfortable win at Hampden.

Nothing less than a victory will do for Scotland and Croatia. A draw would leave both nations on two points and unlikely to scrape one of the third-place qualifier berths.

Last 16 
Winner v runner-up from Group F at Wembley.
Runner-up v runner-up from Group E in Copenhagen.


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Group E

1) Sweden: 4 pts, +1 GD
2) Slovakia: 3 pts, 0 GD
3) Spain: 2 pts, 0 GD
4) Poland: 1 pt, -1 GD

Wednesday June 23, 5pm: Slovakia v Spain (Seville), Sweden v Poland (St Petersburg)

All four nations can still claim one of the top two spots.

Sweden have one foot in the last 16 with four points.

A draw against Spain should put Slovakia though but defeat would leave them sweating on a third-place qualifying place.

A victory over Poland puts Spain through but Poland, currently bottom of the group, must win if they are to progress.

Last 16 
Winner v third from Group A, B, C, or D at Hampden.
Runner-up v runner-up from Group D in Copenhagen.

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Group F

1) France: 4 pts, +1 GD
2) Germany: 3 pts, +1 GD
3) Portugal: 3 pts, +1 GD
4) Hungary: 1 pt, -3 GD

Wednesday June 23, 8pm: Germany v Hungary (Munich), Portugal v France (Budapest)

Current leaders France will go through if they avoid defeat to Portugal. The French will be group winners with a victory, or a draw if Germany don’t beat Hungary.

Portugal will top the group with a win while Germany lose or draw. They will finish bottom if they lose to France and Hungary beat Germany.

A win puts Germany through, as would a draw if France also win.

Hungary can finish second if they beat Germany and Portugal lose to France. Hungary should claim one of the third-place qualifying places if they win and Portugal v France ends in a draw.

Last 16 
Winner v third from Group A, B or C in Bucharest.
Runner-up v winner Group D at Wembley.

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