Enjoy Family Time Fun at The WWE UK Tour This May

There aren’t many sports around that entire families enjoy watching together, but whether they are mothers or fathers, sons, daughters or grandparents, WWE fits the bill perfectly. If your family share a passion for watching wrestling on TV why not take it further, and treat them to a fun family day out at a live match or two? 
Wrestling In The ‘Old Days’
Perhaps part of what makes WWE so popular with contemporary families is partly because the older generations have such fond memories of the weekly TV show World of Sport, and iconic wrestlers of the past such as Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.
Nostalgia is a serious force to be reckoned with, and growing up with wrestling in your life in some way, no matter how peripheral, seems to spark a lifelong passion for the sport. A point Erin Dick demonstrates so well in her reminisces of childhood experiences of wrestling, where she also shares some interesting snippets of wrestling history.

The UK Warms To WWE
Sometime in the late 1990s, the UK public discovered the magical, glamorous world of American wrestling; similar in many ways to the slapstick shows familiar to so many, but the stars were tall, young, athletic and much more entertaining than their British counterparts. 
These days the fan base for WWE is huge, and still growing; in fact, it’s as popular with the under 10s as their parents and grandparents.
There’s Nothing Like a Live WWE Show
If your family enjoy televised WWE there’s nothing like treating them to a live show. The 2017 UK WWE tour runs from Sunday 7th May to Friday 12th May, and tickets, priced around £30 to £80 are widely available, though selling fast. With venues booked in Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Bournemouth, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle, most of the country has a chance to attend.
The UK tour features live, raw and smackdown shows, mostly scheduled for a 7.30 pm start, and for an extra fee, VIP experience tickets are available, offering extras including ringside seats, the chance to meet WWE Superstars, get autographs, photos and WWE goodies. This is a must for diehard fans of all ages!
Place Your Bets
A bonus for parents who like a flutter is the chance to have a bet or two on WWE matches and results throughout the year. Not all bookmakers provide this option, so if you interested have a look for informational bookmaker review sites online which can tell you about the best bookies around for the WWE arena, and the types of bets they accept.
Kids and The WWE
Although some people may disapprove, there are thousands of kids who love watching WWE on TV, and reading the dedicated WWE Kid’s Magazine. The glitz, showbiz performances, and amazing physical feats draw them in to a world of fantasy that’s always going to be healthier than anything a video game can come up with, and as so many matches are PG rated there’s no need to avoid taking fans aged over 6 or so to a live show. 

[Tip: non-televised ‘house shows’ tend to feature more wrestling, more women Superstars and a lot more fan interaction; worth bearing in mind if you have a choice of venues.]
Book Now!
Live action, compelling storylines, larger than life characters telling a story in an atmosphere highly charged with fun, as well as magnificent displays of athletic prowess – what’s not to love about WWE? Catch them competing in person for an evening of thrills, spills and drama the entire family can enjoy together.


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