Edge And Christian Discuss ALL IN And Give Their Thoughts On Mae Young Classic And Who Stood Out

During their latest podcast WWE Hall Of Famers, Edge And Christian discussed several hot topics in wrestling right now, including ALL IN. Below are some highlights from this weeks episode.



“It’s huge man, those guys had a vision and this can be done you just need to visualize it first.”


“What they accomplished can’t be overlooked, there was over 10,000 people, it’s huge. It was a risk to even put it out there and to see them stick it out the way they did, looking at the presentation and getting a pre-show on WGN America, that’s big-time stuff. The presentation of it looked professional, it’s good for the business overall and for the talent in the business.”


“It’s such a cool playing field now, this is different from the regionals and I think it’s knowing your audience and from what I heard that show had a little bit of everything. It had an old school NWA Championship match which I heard was a good old-fashioned wrestling match.”

On the Mae Young Classic and who stood out


“I watched the Mae Young Classic, I got to see some of the crop of this years field and I really enjoyed that. I enjoyed the Cruiserweight Classic too, I like the tournament format.


“I like the format I thought Betty (Beth Phoenix) did a wonderful job, Renee is great and it was a cool tandem. I thought the presentation was good, obviously, I loved the video packages and I really liked it. I thought all the matches were pretty well done. I really liked MJ Jenkins, I like her personality, you can tell with some seasoning she is going to go places, she has talent, imagine how much better she will get with these types of stages, I think she has star written all over her, to be honest.”

On Rhea Ripley changing her look


“Rhea Ripley has completely changed her look and they even talked about it on commentary about being compared to Charlotte, she’s flipped that on its head and came out like this wrecking ball with a completely different look and I applaud her for that, she is doing her own thing now, there is no mistaking her for anyone.”

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