Drean Bolívar sends the series to the seventh match

UPCN wasted sevenmatch points and Drean Bolívar won 3-2 (17-25, 13-25, 33-31, 25-19, 15-13) putting the final series of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Argentine League 3-3 forcing a historic seventh match.


The nerves played against the local team that knew that only a victory would allow them to keep battling for a new title (its consecutive fifth one) of the best competition for men teams in the country as the visiting team lead the series 2-3 and with a new victory it would have won for the first time in its history the League but nothing is said until the last ball is played and with Leo Patti not playing for the visiting team and Bada replacing Pablo Meana as libero in the local one, things seemed even as it happened in all the series.

It is a long time since the League reaches the seventh match, after both semi-final series finished also for the first time in the history of the league in their fifth matches and that talks of the great competition and level of the top teams that gives emotion and excitement to this important competition. Alex Moreno for the visiting team was the best scorer with 23 points while Lucas Ocampo for Bolívar scored 21.

Drean Bolívar (3): Luciano De Cecco, Federico Pereyra, Gabriel Arroyo (C), Sebastián Solé, Javier Filardi, Lucas Ocampo, Jean Carlo Badalotti (L)

Substitute players included: Juan Riganti, Iván Castellani. Coach: Javier Weber.

UPCN Voley Club (2): Demián González (C), Alexander Moreno, Junior Souza, Gustavo Molina, Rodrigo Peres Lopes, Kamil Baranek, Sebastián Garrocq (L)

Substitute player included: Juan Cruz Aramburu. Coach: Fabián Armoa.

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