Disappointed Ricardo

Ricardo achieved another great success, won World Championship in Japan. Ricardo is by many volleyball experts commented as a "genius" of volleyball. In present volleyball there is no other setter with similar style. Ricardo can not be confronted with other setter, he is separate chapter.


How the italians accept one more loss in an important competition?
They always treat the Brazilian with much respect and this only increases with the time. When I started here three years ago, they had respect, but they thought the serie of our victories will be temporary. Brazilians make quality of "A1 serie" increasing and the Italians know this value well.

Did you already receive some homage in Modena?

We had a party, great event in the city. But next day the party was over and I start to prepare for the Sunday match against Montichiari.

Do you believe that the defeat of football team in World Cup will increase the passion of the Brazilian for volleyball?
Sure. The Brazilians were disappointed after loss in World Cup. Volleyball is now with Brazilian people, and more and more with other victories. I knew, during our games in Japan, many people heard others crying out and cheer for us in dawn. It must have been nice.

After the finals you want to go to Brazil instead of going back to Italy, don´t you?
We want to celebrate our conquer in Brazil. It would be very fine to see the World Champions playing in our country. We have many companies in Brazil and they could bring everybody from us. Sponsors could use our image to return. We have face of the determination, the race, the victories. I am infuriated for not seeing the support of the companies to the sport.

President of CBV already talked with some of you?
Yes, he spoke. I do not know if he can bring everybody, but he is trying at least ones two or three. For me it is difficult, therefore I have a contract of six years with Modena and I am only in my first one. But I want to be in Brazil to feel everything.

Do you already feel you did something special, national team gained two World Championships, Olympics, World League?
We have notion, but we do not think we gain this, that, etc. We know one day we go to lose, therefore everybody is awake. We are without loss since last year, gained almost everything. But, as a group, we have to think about playing and to always earn, no matter what championship.

What are the secret of Brazilian success?
National team si pure love. When we come together after a time in the club, it is a joy. Nobody is supported by any trick. The individual talent of the player also weights a lot. Giba and Dante seem that they fly. Heller is pure force. Gustavo is very intelligent. Andre Nascimento has brazilian "ginga" (an almost indefinable, mystical quality of movement and attitude possessed only by Brazilians and evident in everything they do) to attack. Today, there are three generations in national team, without knowing Bernardinho joined infancy friends. Me, Giba and Gustavo we start together. Later, there is a generation of Dante, Nascimento. New generation is Murilo, Samuel. One enter, one leave but the group continue to be very strong.

In Braziil, many analyst consider you as a genius. Are you genius?
I heard some people saying this, I would like to see and hear everything. I know people who has passed volleyball and they lived for that. They are very worth to me. Of course the it is pleasure for me to hear something like this.

Until when you intend to play for the national team?
In the Olympics 2004, me and Giba made a pact that we go until Beijing 2008. I think, when one of the players of the group mot experienced will leave, the others will leave together. But suddenly, I pray to continue to go until World Championship 2010, that will be in Italy.

The Giba is optimum player of the world?
With certainty. He is optimum in such  way for the spiker and for his warlike side. In World there is nobody else like him. I have absolute certainty.

How did you feel not to be elected as a best setter of World Championship?
After the awarding, the staff of FIVB said that I was in the list of best players. I spoke with Giba: "To lose with you, no problem. But to be behind Zagumny (Polish setter)… Big injustice exist in awarding."

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