Details On WGN America Canceling "WWE Superstars", Cuts Expected

Regarding WGN America’s cancellation of WWE Superstars, the Chicago-based superstation didn’t feel they were getting what they paid for, which was a program near the level of Monday Night Raw. WGN agreed to carry the show in late 2008 with the hope it would bring ratings to their national feed, which does not have substantial clearance across cable systems in the United States.

While WWE Superstars initially featured top tier talent such as John Cena, Edge and John Morrison, it was clear from the beginning that it was a show of little consequence. For instance, the program sparingly featured storylines. Within a matter of time, it became the modern day equivalent of Sunday Night Heat, a television showcase for the organization’s preliminary talent; Zack Ryder, Tyler Reks, Primo and the brothers Uso were regularly featured in starring roles. Meanwhile, the show’s lackluster ratings were indicative of how both fans and officials alike saw it as.

Due to last month’s poor financial quarters, company officials have discussed cutting ties with a number of bottom level wrestlers following Wrestlemania XXVII as a cost-cutting measure.

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