David Otunga Talks About Being Bullied, Cena's Shirts Throughout The Years

– WWE.com has a feature up looking at John Cena’s various t-shirt designs over his 10 year career. WWEShop.com has also put all of the Cena shirts up for sale for the holidays.

– South Carolina’s PostandCourier.com has an article up looking at WWE’s David Otunga and Natalya visit to Mary Ford Elementary school on Tuesday for a “Be A Star” anti-bullying rally. Otunga, a 230 pound beast with one of the biggest physiques in WWE, told the students that he bullied as a child for being short, chubby, wearing thick glasses and being a good student.

The bullying eventually stopped after he told a trusted teacher about what was going on. The teacher held a meeting where Otunga could confront his bullies and explain the effects of the harassment. “They didn’t realize how their words affected me,” Otunga said. “The bullying stopped.”

As for critics who claim pro wrestling sells violence to viewers, Otunga replied that “the good always triumphs over the bad. If you watch the storylines from beginning to end, yes, there are bullies, but the moral of it is that they never win.”

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