Daily Pro Wrestling History (10/05): Jericho vs. Michaels in an instant classic ladder match


St. Louis, Missouri:
– Buddy Austin beat Red Bastien by countout 
– Pat O’Connor wrestled Cowboy Bob Ellis to a draw
– John Paul Henning & Johnny Valentine beat Rip Hawk & Stan Stasiak


St. Paul, Minnesota:
– AWA Tag Team Champions, Dick The Bruiser & The Crusher beat Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff to retain title
– Bob Geigel beat Moose Evans by DQ


Omaha, Nebraska:
– AWA Champion Verne Gagne no contest The Avenger
– Danny Hodge beat Mike DiBiase
– Billy Red Cloud beat Chris Markoff
– Harley Race drew Reggie Parks


Chiba, Japan: 
– Jumbo Miyamoto & Aiko Kyo defeated Marie Vagnone & Jane Sherill to win the WWWA World Tag Team Titles 

Moline, Illinois:
– In a Death match, Billy Robinson beat Blackjack Lanza
– AWA Tag Team Champions, The Crusher & Red Bastien beat Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens to retain the title
– Larry Hennig beat Don Muraco


Minneapolis, Minnesota:
– AWA Tag Team Champions The Crusher & Billy Robinson beat Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens
– Larry Hennig no contest Larry Heiniemi
– Horst Hoffman beat Chris Taylor by countout
– Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell beat Yugo Babich & Stan Pulaski
– Geoff Portz drew Buddy Wolff

Tampa, Florida:
– Lights Out Florida Title Match: Dusty Rhodes defeated Ray Stevens 
– Special Challenge: Jack Brisco defeated Bob Orton, Jr. 
– Jerry Brisco defeated Bob Roop by DQ
– The Assassin & Missouri Mauler defeated Ray Candy & Ken Lucas 
Click Here: liverpool mens jersey– Hollywood Blondes defeated Steve Keirn & Bob Backlund 
– Tommy Seigler defeated Leon Ogle


Tokyo, Japan:
– AWA Title vs IWA Title match: IWA Champion Rusher Kimura beat AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel by DQ
– IWA World Tag Team Champions Animal Hamaguchi & Mighty Inoue beat Kintaro Ohki & Umanosuke Ueda in 2 of 3 falls
– NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Nelson Royal double count out with Ashura Hara


Osaka, Japan:
– Judy Martin defeated Yukari Omori for the All Japan Pacific Title 


St. Louis, Missouri:
– King Kong Brody no contest Jerry Blackwell
– AWA Tag Team Champions Road Warriors beat Ted DiBiase & Buzz Tyler
– Tony Atlas beat Paul Ellering
– Hacksaw Higgins beat Buzz Tyler (sub Dick the Bruiser)
– Jim Brunzell & Bulldog Bob Brown beat the Grapplers


WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event: East Rutherford, New Jersey:
– WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Nikolai Volkoff in a Flag match
– King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd defeated Tony Atlas & Andre The Giant via disqualification


Memphis, Tennessee:
– Don Bass & Carl Fergie beat Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee
– AWA Champion Curt Hennig beat Jeff Jarrett
– AWA Tag Team Champions Soldat Ustinov & Doug Somers beat Nasty Boys
– Southern Boys beat Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond
– Bobby Jaggers beat Billy Travis


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:
– Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. defeated Tito Santana to win the AWF World Heavyweight Title 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
– The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer defeated Stevie Richards & Brian Lee in an Ultimate Jeopardy match (Sandman won Raven’s ECW Title per stipulations of the match)
– ECW World Tag Team Champions The Gangstas defeated The Eliminators
– Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Terry Gordy


WWE Badd Blood: St. Louis, Missouri:
– Owen Hart defeated Farooq in a tournament final to win the vacant WWF Intercontinental Title
– The Godwinns defeated The Headbangers to win the WWF World Tag Team Titles
– Shawn Michaels defeated the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell (debut of Kane)


WWE No Mercy: Portland, Oregon:
– Batista defeated JBL to become #1 contender to WWE Title
– Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Title
– WWE World Champion Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match to retain the title

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