Corey Graves Calls Into Booker T “Heated Conversations” Podcast & Addresses Recent Controversy

WWE commentator Corey Graves called into the “Heated Conversations” podcast hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T to address the recent controversy between the two.

In case you haven’t heard, Booker T called out Graves and accused him of being the reason he was taken off the RAW broadcast booth, when in reality it was because the company wanted to bring back Jonathan Coachman. The two have been bickering and arguing on live television for several months now, seemingly escalating with every show. On last week’s “Heated Conversations” the former world champion even went so far as to say he would “do something” if he ever caught Corey “in the streets”.

You can listen to the full conversation between the two WWE voices at the link above, or in the video below, but the gist of the situation is that both men are now claiming the entire thing was a work. It appears as if it started as a rib by Booker T, who didn’t have anything written for the final segment of his show and decided to make up a story. Corey then said he didn’t even know anything had happened until Big E called him to figure out what went down. Both men were laughing and joking throughout the entire phone call, and mentioned numerous times that everything was fine between, and the Hall of Famer even said he was relieved to be off the RAW commentary team.

I did want to address a point brought up by Corey Graves where he complained that “people didn’t check any facts” and that he “didn’t get a single phone call from any of these wrestling journalists.” To that end, I know that we at PW reached out to WWE through official channels multiple times, and left messages with those running the “Heated Conversations” podcast. None were returned. To reiterate what Mike Johnson of PWInsider said about the issue, unless you’re going to provide us with your direct phone number, you can’t really complain that we didn’t do our job – which again, was literally just using Booker T’s own words in context.

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