Copenhagen Fashion Fairs outdoors

Trade fair Terminal-2 is launching a new outdoor area this summer. Organised by Copenhagen Fashion Fairs, the summer exhibition will take place during Copenhagen Fashion Week from 6-9th August. The new outdoor spot will be hosted in a green area situated on the east side of the venue. Designed for a variety of bars, cafés, chill-out areas and barbecue, the new area is created to take a break from hustle and bustle.

For this summer, Terminal-2 is dedicated to art, including photo exhibitions, art installations and gallery areas. The aim is to form a creative atmosphere to stimulate exhibitors and offer an extra experience. The Spanish streetwear brand Desigual will host an interactive street-art wall in the outdoor area, giving visitors the opportunity to participate with their own art contributions.

Renowned Danish graffiti artists will add some colour to the concrete terminal and the street art gallery will play host to hand-painted mannequins by Penther and other contemporary Danish artists. The pieces will later be auctioned off with proceeds going to support new up-and-coming fashion designers.

The Norwegian artist Bjørn Bassen pairs up with Royal Copenhagen to create a one-of-a-kind art partnership and the team behind the Copenhagen BLDG network bring their arty street friends along to create the marriage between art and street in collaboration with Montana Colors.

More events taking place at Terminal-2 will be announced closer to the fashion fair’s date.

Image: Terminal-2

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