Colby Corino Arrest Report Released – Multiple Drugs Found

Colby Corino Arrest Report Released – Multiple Drugs Found On Scene
The Pro Wrestling Sheet has gained exclusive access to Colby Corino’s arrest report, revealing how cops took Corino into custody having been found unconscious at his home on Saturday, with multiple types of drugs littered throughout his home.
According to the police report, officers received a call regarding an unresponsive person and arrived at Corino’s home, finding him passed out on the floor. The person Corino was with admitted that they had taken opiates.

When Colby regained consciousness, he admitted the same and was soon transported to a nearby hospital. Cops proceeded to search Corino’s residence – finding a grinder, a bag of marijuana, baggies, hypodermic needles, multiple purple pill capsules of an unknown substance, suspected mushrooms, rock-like substance suspected to be heroin, white reside alongside a cut drinking straw beside Colby’s drivers license and various glass vials of an unknown substance believed to be steroids.
Due to the sheer amount of drugs found in the property, both Corino and his accomplice were charged with intent to resale. Corino was also caught throwing a small bag out of his shoe, believed to contain methamphetamine. 
As both The Pro Wrestling Sheet and All Wrestling have previously reported, Corino is behind bars on a $40,000 bond and is scheduled to appear behind bars later this week. There is no official word as to whether this will affect his status with NJPW.
Corino’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page (see below) in an attempt to get him treatment.

Thanks once again to The Pro Wrestling Sheet for access to their exclusive story, which you can read more of by clicking the link below

Colby Corino — Arrest Report Released … Multiple Kinds Of Drugs Found On Scene

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