CM Punk's Historic WWE Title Reign, Edge's Neck Surgery & More

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge will undergo another neck surgery on Thursday. Edge was asked by a fan on Twitter if this procedure will allow him to wrestle again one day, but the Rated R Superstar shot down those hopes:

“@ATRatedR: @EdgeRatedR If your surgery succeed will there be a chance for you to ever wrestle again?”-nope, so the docs say”

– WWE CFO George Barrios is featured in Forefront Magazine and named his parents and Vince McMahon as his role models. He stated that Vince behaves “as if every day is the first day on the job.”

– WWE Champion CM Punk is quickly approaching the 1-year mark for his title reign. If Punk successfully retains the WWE title at Survivor Series on 11/19, the following day will mark one year for him as champion. Punk would be the first person to hold the WWE Championship for a full year since John Cena back in 2006.

If CM Punk is able to keep the title past November 26th, he will surpass Randy Savage’s 371 day title reign (1988-1989). If he can remain champion past December 5th, he will surpass John Cena’s 380 day title rein – making him the longest reigning WWE Champion since Hulk Hogan’s 1984-1988 reign.

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