Chris Masters Talks About His WWE Release; Mick Foley On His Role In WWE

– Chris Masters made an appearance on The Shoot radio show last week. On the show Masters said that he was one of twelve wrestlers to get suspended over the Signature Pharmacy case. He said that he took a month off to train and get healthy but was tested three times in one week with one of the tests coming back positive. Masters said that it surprised him that one of three tests came up positive but John Lauranitis still notified him to let him know that he was done for 60 days. After Masters saw the CNN special he knew that his job was in jeopardy and he was right. (Source:

– Brian Fritz of the Orlando Sentinel recently sat down with Mick Foley for a brief interview. When asked about his current role in WWE, Foley commented: “I’m not sure what it is,” said Foley. “But, I know the company really appreciated it when I went to China on short notice (as a company spokesman for the Special Olympics), when I really didn’t have to, and I volunteered for a couple of months to go down and talk to a lot of the guys in training following the problems that we had with the Benoit tragedies in June. So, I really had some things that I wanted to say to the younger talent. So, even if I don’t wrestle, I feel as if I’m still doing productive things when I’m there or even when I’m not on the air – behind the scenes, I feel like I’m helpful in some ways.”

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