Chris Jericho Talks WCW, His Fight With Goldberg, Following Rock-Hogan & More

Thanks to reader Aaron Hejmowski for sending in this recap of Chris Jericho’s appearance on Bubba The Love Sponge’s Sirius Satellite Radio show this morning:

Jericho started off the show in-studio and said that his favorite match was him and Michaels from WM19 in Seattle. He said it’s easier to work in a big stadium show than in front of a small house of 7 people.

When talking about the Mania 18 in Toronto, he said it was a big mistake to put on him and HHH after the Rock/Hogan and that was “like following Tyson and Ali.”

When talking about getting his tooth cracked against HBK in the ladder match, he said the doctors wanted him to get it fixed right away, but he said that if he was going to lose a tooth wrestling, he was not going to miss TV that night and not show off the broken tooth.

Jericho and Bubba were cracking on Canadian accents and Jericho said he never realized how brutal some of the Canadian accents were until he moved down to the States.

Some guy who claimed to be a former indy worker called and said Jericho dated his wife back in the Calgary days. Jericho confirmed it. The guy says his wife hates to turn on the TV and see the life she could have had.

When talking about going to WCW, Jericho said it blew him away when walking in there and seeing Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Randy Savage. He said he needed to walk a way for a few seconds, take a breather and mark out for a minute. Bubba said that Hogan claims that Jericho is one of the best workers he’s worked against. Jericho said Hogan was one of his fave guys to work against because it was so easy, just a blast.

Jericho said it’s so much tougher coming up the ranks now being in the WWE because it’s really sink or swim. You don’t get a chance to cut your teeth or make mistakes. There’s a lot of pressure on the young guys.

Some caller asked and wanted to get Jericho’s take on the Chris Benoit situation and how it’s effected everyone. Jericho said you can’t just drop that on him and expect an answer in a minute. He said he could go on for an hour. It was a tragic thing.

In a classic moment, some Canadian guy called and asked if Jericho thought of doing MMA. Jericho said Hell no, I fight for money, I’m a fantasy guy, I don’t fight for me” The genius caller goes “well that’s not a real fight.” Jericho responded with “Of course it’s not a real fight you idiot, what are you f’n 15 years old?” Bubba goes “Like Chris Jericho could really go out there and beat up Big Show.”

Jericho started talking about the infamous backstage fight with Goldberg. Jericho was laughing about it and said it was a long story, they got into an argument, Goldberg put his hand on Jericho’s throat, and they got into an altercation. Jericho got him into the ground and put him into a front facelock until he “got up and killed me.” He wasn’t getting up though. He saw Gracie in a Japanese wrestling magazine bodyscissoring a guy with his legs, he scissorlegged him to see what would happen. Goldberg stood up and Jericho took him down again. He said he was harassing him the whole time. He said guys were finally holding them back, then Goldberg got loose came after him and pulled him by the hair! He pie faced him back. They exchanged some obscenities and arguing and ended there.

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